Aqualine ALN5-60B Filter Cartridge

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AquaLine ALN5-60B Cartridge Filter

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Penjelasan Singkat

Aqualine is a liquid filtration solution which provides superior flow rates and guarantees long-lasting performance. Combining a small footprint with large productivity, the Aqualine plays an important role in cost optimization of water treatment across a range of industries.

Compared to conventional cartridge filters, AquaLine saves money by lowering capital cost and operating costs. When comparing filters with the same efficiencies or Beta ratings, nothing outperforms the cost/performance
value achieved with AquaLine.


Spesifikasi Aqualine Filter Cartridge

  • Nominal polypropylene filter cartridge
  • Available in 6.75-inch diameter and 60-inch length
  • Positive o-ring seal
  • Wide range of chemical compatibility
  • 98% (Beta 5000) efficiencies at 5 micron size



AquaLine ALN5-60B cartridge filter is large (6.5-inches) in diameter with an outside-in flow, which allows for the use of significantly smaller housings and fewer filters. Its 60-inch length gets the most out of cartridge life while cutting back on the total number of filter change-outs.


  1. Whether it is for process water, waste water, food & beverage, pharmaceutical, or other fluids for pre-filtration, guard filtration or final filtration, AquaLine is the right choice.
  2. The AquaLine system utilizes proven CodeLine corrosion resistant FRP pressure vessels which can provide considerable reduction in capital expenditure over metallic offerings.
  3. The housings make use of a quick opening closure that does not require tools allowing access to the element in seconds.
  4. Additionally, each housing accepts a single element providing both efficient and convenient change-outs.

For temperatures above 130°F (54.4°C) up to 180°F (82.2°C) please contact Profilter Indonesia.


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