Hydranautics ESPA4 MAX

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Hydranautics ESPA4 MAX

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Description Hydranautics ESPA4 MAX

Energy required to pressurize RO feed water is the largest contributor to the total energy consumption of the RO plant. As a result, chlorine tolerant membranes have helped the membrane technology become affordable and cost effective by reducing energy consumption required to operate RO system. ESPA Hydranautics membranes are the choice for applications demanding high-energy efficiency, with uncompromised productivity and salt rejection.

ESPA4 are the lowest feed pressure membranes offering low energy consumption. ESPA4 membranes require ultra-low pressures without compromising high salt rejection and are commonly used in the second pass of a reverse osmosis system.

The ESPA4 membranes are available in the LD variant. Low differential LD Technology® models are offered to minimize colloidal fouling when used with conventional pre-treatment equipment. These membranes offer consistently low feed pressures and longer intervals between cleanings.

ESPA4-LD HP are high flux membranes offering low energy consumption without compromising on high rejection. These membranes have an active membrane area of 400 ft2 (37.2 m2), 34 mil brine spacer thickness, and high pressure construction for operation up to 1200 psi (8.27 MPa) to allow greater concentration of feed solution.

ESPA4 membranes are available in the MAX variant with 440 ft2 (40.9 m2) active membrane surface area. Increased membrane area reduces capital costs by requiring fewer pressure vessels and less floor space.



  • Permeate Flow : 13,200 gpd (50m3/d)
  • Salt Rejection : 99.2% (99.0% minimum)
  • Configuration : Spiral Wound
  • Membrane Polymer : Composite Polyamide
  • Membrane Active Area : 440 ft2 (40.8m2)
  • Max. Applied Pressure : 600 psig (4.14 MPa)
  • Maximum Chlorine Concentration : < 0.1 PPM
  • Max. Operating Temperature : 113 °F (45 °C)
  • pH Range, Continuous (Cleaning) : 2-10 (1-12)*
  • Maximum Feedwater Turbidity : 1.0 NTU
  • Max. Feedwater SDI (15 mins) : 5.0
  • Maximum Feed Flow : 75 GPM (17.0 m3/h)
  • Minimum Ratio of Concentrate to Permeate Flow for any Element : 5:1
  • Pressure Drop for Each Element : max. 15 psi

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